Game feel and default values


is it me or do the default character movement values really feel off ??

run and jump has a lot of inertia, almost flying

so I set the gravity multiplier of the character movement component to 3

feels better, but

  • is it good practice ?
  • why default values feel so off while corresponding to world physic ?


The default character movements are pretty basic in my opinion and sometimes fail entirely, however it is easy to expand the logic or even disable the CharacterMovement entirely during custom states.

What I mean by this is that some states are simply missing (Swimming, Flying, Climbing) and so on, but to be fair if they implemented all of it while most games only use 10% of that it would just bloat the code.

The main issue I found with it is that you can’t push characters without them glitching all over the place, however I don’t wanna hijack this thread with those things ;).

It’s hard to call any property value “Good Practice” because anything you set as the default will have to fit your personal project which is different for everyone. I advise you to take a look on the marketplace at the free plugin “Advanced Locomotion System” which implements custom movement states, “look and feel” control through curves and AnimInstance blueprints.

For any state you want to simulate physics for, you could take a look at how ALS manages the ragdoll state.

yeah I dont get it, there are settings for flying or swimming but you say they are not implemented ?

Sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant that the movement states are pretty basic and if you want a specific look and feel, or specific movement (sub) states which are currently missing, like rolling while walking or climbing out of water, you will have to implement those yourself (while often disabling the default movement temporarily). Also often the “look and feel” is not just the properties you configure on the CharacterMovementComponent but the implementation of the animation transitions as well, through the AnimInstance system.