[GAME] Fart Lander 1

Title: Fart lander 1

this is my second project i made with unreal engine 4, its a small game i made while learning blueprint and many things with editor :slight_smile:

i couldnt add interstitial ads with my blueprint only project, so i had to set a price for my game, and i have to admit that i wouldnt buy this game for this price… i will make the free edition with ads as soon we can add interstitial ads with blueprint !

if anyone is interested to test the game, just pm me on this forum, i can send you a promotional code to get it for free and tell me if the download and game work fine, because i cant buy the game myself (google dont allow it)

With google play we can generate 500 promo codes, so dont hesitate to ask, to test and to send me feedback !

Link to get the game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Sk3lGames.FartLander1

Thanks epic for this great editor, even if i do simple 2d game with it :o its just fun to play with blueprint ! i wish i could make cool looking 3d games using all the engine power but i am still noob !