[GAME] Fallen Dungeons

Hello all,

After a couple of years working with UE4 we now find ourselves in a position to be able to show our progress -


We are a very small team (2 people) and would love to hear your thoughts! There is a lot more to our game than is shown in the video but we wanted to keep our exposure limited at this time. If anyone out there loves dungeons crawlers like we do there may be an opportunity to become a beta tester, you can contact us via our website http://www.fallendungeons.com

Really hope you like our work!

**Epic **- can we please have a grant (applied a few times), we could do so much more with this game if we had some funds. :smiley:


Looks good.
Make a something we can play, polish it and you could get a grant i guess.

Thanks, we are working on releasing the first couple of levels as a demo on Steam. If the full game is required this is available on request. Thanks for your comments.

Reminds me of Dungeon Master, following your progress!