Game examples in launcher

Hello. Are there any video tutorials where it is shown how the example games were developed step by step? Im tryin to understand the c++ strategy game but its hard and i’v heard there are videos somewhere. Thanks in advance

There should be a YouTube link in the Learn tab.

i found the source code in learn tab, but no video or some tut. Im lookin for “strategy game”

The link is there, but try this: :slight_smile:

Ignore the UDK reference in the title. This is Unreal’s official YouTube channel. I don’t know how good your C++ is, so I can’t point you to the video you should begin with, but this will get you started.

“The link is there” you mean you found it in learn tab under “strategy game” ? Where? All i found is some short thing on ue docs ( ), but its not the same when u follow the coder.I will take look into the youtube channel too, thanks
And i know c++ well, but not the UE structures

i didnt find anything except for some basic pickup classes or other basic stuff here. Are there tutorials on the main components like gamemode etc, with goin int details and examples?

I think there are no detailed tutorials around, but here you can find more information: :slight_smile: