[GAME] Evade - A local 4 player battle game

The Game

Evade is a fast-paced 4 player local multiplayer arcade inspired game. Each player is equipped with a gun, a dash and their wits. Jump into the frenzy and battle your friends off the stage, last neon battle-ball standing wins! Compete across 8 unique stages with various traps, triggers and dangers. Think of it like Sumo wrestling but with more bullets and balls.

The game’s main focus is its multiplayer, head to head aspect. We are a two-man team and we both love the classic couch multiplayer system. This is something we have tried to really push and add to our project from classic games like Bomberman, Mashed and even Gang Beasts.

As well as this we are slowly but surely implementing a training mode in which you can play single player to increase your skills and complete some increasingly difficult challenges, and a Survival mode. In which you have to stay alive a long as you can against increasing AI and traps for a leaderboard position.




If you have any feedback please feel free to share, I would love to hear it.

This looks cool, do you have a website or social media I can follow?

Sure. That’s great thanks. I’ll continue to update this blog.

You can can follow along on our social media on twitter and Facebook. It’s @. Will hopefully have a website up tomorrow

We are now on Kickstarter


In order to push into the next level we are trying to raise some money and even a bit of a community. This will help us polish, add more gamemodes and maybe even make it onto consoles.

Anyone got any good kickstarter advice?

Wow, this looks cool. How many people are working on this project?


3 friends to play a game with might not always be around. CPU AI on the other hand is always around for a quick match. It locks onto your position and shoots. These are static though as you don’t want them too OP.


Nice gifs. Loving the art style.