[GAME] Esse Proxy


Fight your way between gangs, corporations, cults, and corrupt governments in a fast-paced, top-down shooter. Located in a dystopian future not so far away, Esse Proxy will take you to the center of conflicts and intrigues of a group of rebels trying to be free.

**Game Trailer** [HR][/HR]

You will take the role of several characters united by a series of past and future events, each with their own abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

**You will face a brutal yet strategic combat, one missed shot or one misstep can be the end for your character. **

The game offers a difficult but rewarding difficulty.

In each level you can find different secrets and unlock better (or not) weapons to use

The battles will require intense focus in a context where enemies can react in different ways, remember, a mistake can lead you to fail the mission. [HR][/HR]

I have been working on this project in the last few months. The game has mechanics inspired by Hotline Miami, a game I love. I will update this thread as my development process progresses.

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Hi everyone!!

I feel really happy that Esse Proxy got spotlight by Unreal Engine in Comunity Spotlights

thanks a lot Unreal Engine :slight_smile: !!!

We were playing Esse Proxy with Adrian Novell, Game Designer at Electronics Arts. He gave me great information and advice on some mechanics in the game.
(The video is in Spanish)

I am glad to announce that an alpha version of the game is available to test and obviously, if you want, to provide me feedback.