Game Engines - How to choose?

Hi folks,

I wanted to ask you how to choose the right game engine like UE4 for the own game project? Just imagine one wants to create a game like Heroes of Might and Magic or Master of Orion or Galactic Civilizations or Endless Space 2 or even one game of a different genre like FPS or RPG. Does the choose of the game engine (developement engine) depend on what kind of game one wants to create (like 2D or 3D) or can one do all of these games in one engine, i.e. UE4? The next question would be which language to use in the engine? Does UE4 allow every programming language or is there a limitation like only C++? How to choose the “right” programming language? Does this depend on the game genre, too?
I’m neither a programmer nor a coder or something like that, so please have indulgence :o I’m just really curious about how games are created and how things work in the background. So if you have any good book advices around the topics “game creation, engine creation, writing the own programming language” and so on, just tell me! I’m a bookworm so the more advices you give, the better for me :rolleyes:

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Choose the one that you think will be the best one for your project. Google around town and read up on the strenghts and weaknesses of various engines, visit various forums dedicated to using game engines and view the feedback that different users provide.

Most devs install more than one engine (even 3 or 4), and test-drive them all.
There’s usually enough demos / free levels to help make a decision either way.

Yep, totally agree, pretty much the way to go.