Game Engineer

We have a completed game and need to move some components online. You may work remotely and part time. Time is flexible.

You would be responsible for:

Take Everything Online, login, storage, file storage, etc.
Our game is currently offline only, and all the data for the entire game and all the user profiles are saved locally.
We need to take all this stuff online and that will involve at minimum:

Online user login
Online profile saves
Online streaming of level content
Integrate backend platform
Prepare data and hooks for future web developer (to build web portal to access profile data)
Work with team to fully resolve memory usage issue and get game playing on devices with 2GB of system memory (iOS). Right now our game doesn’t run reliably on anything less than 4GB of system memory. (12in ipad Pro)
Reduce app download size below 250 MB. Right now our app size is over 1GB but this should be resolved once issue #1 is solved.
Solve build issues when necessary.
Upgrade UE4 to latest when necessary.
Make game available for PC, Mac, and Android. (Eventually)

Please email: