Game engine is not fully support arkdevkit

I tried to add DOF to the game, the one looks like Skyrim with enb, test it on testmap is fine, but when i use the mod it won’t support, other changes showed up, but the DOF is not part of them, My guess is the game core engine is not support to all functions arkdevkit delievered.

I haven’ts seen any indication that the devkit can run something the “game engine” can’t… I have seen plenty of cases where someone did not set their mod up correctly and it is missing items because of it. I think the problem might be how you added DOF (don’t even know what this is) to the game.

I looked at the reference, all pointed to the engine, and some of the files are not even there, I tested on my map, I mean theisland map, it works really good, but once all files in the mod folder in game after loaded, all other functions works, except the Depth of field, the game has a little DOF but not nice enough, If someone knows how to do this please post here, but I really doubt that something has been missing in the mod folder, for example, the new dinos only has animation and mesh, but you can’t create them, I think maybe some other time they will support the DOF and other futures for mod.