Game Engine Development & Modification with C++ & More

Hey People !

I am learning as of now and there are several questions that are floating around in my brain/head.
First of all, let me ask this one thing, what all books would you people suggest to learn C++, Mathematics, Science to
learn almost about everything needed to develop or make, well, things. I hope you understand. And that is related to what is about to come.

I have a few questions which probably might be worthless and regardless in Today’s Time to ask and useless, but I still want to know.
How hard could it be for a person to develop a Game Engine, on his own or just with a very few people ? Or At Least, a Modeling Toolkit like of Maya('s) ? I am just saying Modeling Toolkit and not the whole Set/Package for CG Work.

And also, what are the best GUI Toolkits & IDE for C++ ? Can I make one on my own and I know the answer is yes, but how ? With MS-VS or with Console Work ? And also, how is Computer Programming helpful for
And in the end, the most important part. What books would you suggest me to read for getting knowledge on most of C++ & Mathematics & Science Required for Computers (Computation or simply, Technology) ?
I have a few books that I read, but I really want to get a list (not a complete, that can’t ever be, i.e; a definitive one) from One of The Great Developers.

And also, do These Game Companies design Their Game Engine entirely in one language ? Basically, I am asking you people to teach me (us), and give out not only a few but a lot of information on (as to) how some of you people work and develop Proprietary (or even a Open Source Free but Great) Game Engine(s).

I know this is a big topic/section to touch but I still want some help, I want to know. And I hope it’s not really so much big of a deal to pay attention to other such things as well.

Any Thing, Suggestions or whatsoever is welcomed, but I really hope I don’t get scorned at for this one, even though that barely happens (with anyone).

And also, I am posting this in several other sections that are even a little bit relating so that more people could contribute.

Thank You !