Game download progress has reset back to 0% - any way to download without this frustrating launcher?

I’ve spent many hours downloading UT4 via the launcher. It was at 60%.

Today the launcher seems to have updated and the download is back at 0%!

My connection is slow (50KB/s) so this is incredibly annoying.

Is there no way to download the game with a download manager which actually works?

Hi soulhunter123,

I’m sorry for the frustrating experience. I’ve forwarded your message to our Launcher team and they have some ideas on what may have caused this that they will be investigating soon.

Thanks for the feedback.

this happened to me as well. over a week of downloading to get to 80%, while the launcher uses way too much bandwidth for non-download purposes, takes 20 minutes to sign in for no reason, takes another 20 minutes to start or resume the download for no reason, and disconnects and signs out if I leave it downloading overnight, and I start it today (after yet another disconnect) and find my download has been reset to zero.

Thanks so much for such a useful solution to your broken launcher. /s

How about download from site, and skip the launcher? That would be nice.

Hey, thanks for the feedback here about the launcher/engine download pipeline. @JJJJaaaacccckkkk Have you been able to find any solutions on our Help page? If not, there is a contact email located on that page where you can get more direct help as well. Sorry about all that!

I would recommend this page especially. Epic Games Technical Support & Customer Service | Epic Games

As it helped me a while back with a similar problem.

[MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]
I downloaded and compiled the source from github. The epic games launcher is useless on my connection (I’m assuming that it’s my connection). It seems to be designed for people who live in places that offer, and who can afford, a several megabit internet connection. I’ve already tried opening ports and other solutions (like the one 94 suggested above), but it didn’t help, so I’ve concluded that the launcher is designed for the upper class of the internet who can waste bandwidth as if it’s limitless (and still probably complain that it isn’t enough). The engine itself is fine though, but it’ll be a long time before I can make anything worthwhile with it. (I’m only a hobbyist)

Same prob for me

Happened to me yesterday. Downloading 60gb in one go is tough. Trying again today. This sucks. Will take the whole day. And if anything happens, back to zero once again and I will give up.

I have the same problem. had 75% and went to sleep next day its 0% and downloads at 300kb/s spikes so its mostly 0kb/s