Game doesn't run on iOS

I did the endless runner tutorial but have modified it to be a mobile game and added a few features and stuff. I am trying to test it on my iPhone 6 however, when I deploy it to my iPhone it opens up and shows the skybox but not the level generated or any of the content. If I run it in the viewport, it works fine.

Any ideas why this doesn’t launch the content on the mobile device? I have iOS 8.3 installed and it is not jailbroken.

Hey Pewbot,

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue, and we appreciate your patience while awaiting a response. In order to assist you in an effective manner and to increase our support within this section of the AnswerHub, we would like to see if you are still experiencing the issue you are reporting in engine versions 4.8.3 and/or 4.9.1?

If so, would you mind providing some simple steps, screenshots, or any other relevant pieces of information to help us reproduce the issue on our end?

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