Game does not work after build..

Hi guys/girls .First off this “game” is a mere prototype and only has 2 blueprints…A hover component .And a ship bp …The hover component is attached to the ships static mesh and its all very basic . The ship controls exactly as i had planned and is fine…I do however have 2 problems

Problem 1 is that i often have to recompile by ship_bp in order for the hover component to work .
Problem 2 is that when i build ( for peace of mind) The hover component simply does not work at all .And my ships controls appear to be backwards.

I did miss the initialize step in the tutorial i watched .Simply because the tutorial was quite old and i could not find the correct nodes used…I assumed that initializing each hover component on my ship was no longer needed?? I am looking into that as of now but any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks people

You must initialize or multiple inverts will happen

The hover component can only run on the server