Game distribution channels, alpha/beta testers.

Just a couple of questions. I’m to the point where I’m getting ready to look for some Alpha testers, how do you normally go about finding testers for your projects? I realize just posting a link here would be good for feedback, but I also know that getting testing done by other developers can be… problematic. lol

I guess I could use Steam’s greenlight page (the unpaid version) to solicit interest and feedback, but if you have any other resources, or have experience in this, let me know.

I’d give some copies to my friends, but I’m a hermit and have none. :slight_smile:

Also, what are some good channels for distribution of our games? Obviously Steam is a great place, but are there others that don’t require money up front? I realize they’re looking to weed out the serious developers from people who just want to put something out there, but, unfortunately right now things are so tight that I don’t have that much money (for anything) and am struggling just to keep the electricity on and the Internet service running.



You could probably try putting a demo up on IndieDB and get people to write bug reports in the comments or something?

You could always upload it to . :slight_smile:

Very cool site! I hadn’t heard of this place before! Thanks!