(Game) DijitStudios - WolfBorn

WolfBorn is the product of my dev hobby addition.
At first WolfBorn started as a test to prove weather or not I could make a game.
I had previous experience since the original Unreal Engine, so a lot of the work made since,
It didn’t change the fact that I had a lot and still have a lot of learning to do.

I remember at one point I lost about 3 months of 3d modeling and level designing due to a game project corruption.
At that moment I felt as if I had to either give up now, or keep going.
At this current day I have a mound of detailed blueprint graphs, shaders and more.
WolfBorn is still so young and hasn’t seen the height of its development.
I have since decided that I really do want to move forward and create this game.

I’ve pored endless hours of this year making a stable framework for this game.
I’ve centered game play around deep storytelling,
vast exploration and dynamic action
with a pinch of magic and strategy.

I’ve drawn so much inspiration from games like Metroid, Tombraider and Unreal Tournament.
I’m really excited about making this!

Ladies & Gents, this is hard work and I love it.
I’m afraid that I won’t be able to make this dream of mine come true, not without help.
I’m a proud father of the most amazing angel of a 2 year old.
I have a girlfriend who loves and supports me (she deserves a ring!!).
I work my butt off full time to make sure the table has food on it.

That being said the easiest ways to support me are to like and share the DijitStudios Facebook Page,
Or by subscribing to the WolfBorn Patreon! (My first goal is 500 Subscriptions)






Everything is still VERY wip but I would love support and love!