Game Development (Zombie FPS Game)

Hey there,
I am a student from Germany who wants to create a PC Game. I need people who want to join me on the trip to create a computer game. You can be a member/ developer that get payed when funds are raised on kickstarter. At the moment I only have a concept of how the game will look like.

This is a “SciFi”/Zombie game. You are a member of a company, that is specialized on neural networking and virtual reality.

You can enter the hub to dive into different scenarios.

The first scenario (set in ~ 2020) is an open world zombie apocalypse, where you and your friends have to gather resources and build bases to survive. Also driving vehicles and upgrading them with metal panels, carbon windows etc.

The idea of the game is to create something without an HUD, so everything is as realistic as possible.
In the future there will be a parkour system like in Mirrors Edge

So at the moment i can not pay you anything, maybe it will work in the future with the help of fund raising.

Have a nice day!


Hi I’d like to join you to create the game. I’ve experienced in blueprint scripting including multiuser app using ue4.