Game Development Team Needed (may be paid depending on how it sells)

Hello my name is Tyler Larson i am looking for a game development team to make a physiological horror game that should be really good. The only problem is I dont know how to do code and 3d modeling and if you are willing to help i will be selling this game i will split profits with you evenly. i will be doing all the advertising and graphics for this project.

Game Title: None Yet

Examples of work: I’ve never made a game before but will do as much as i can during this porcess

im wokring on drawing the concept art for the game currently

please contact me at


skype: Graphciarza_Graphics

Hi and welcome to the Unreal Engine forums! In reading the above, could you post some of your examples of your work? That should help people want to join your team. Also, how far have you gotten on your GDD? Has the concept been fleshed out? In terms of programming, consider learning UE4’s Blueprint system, its pretty easy to get into and will help when you work with teams as you will know some of the challenges they face.

Anyway, good luck!