Game Development Newbies - How to collaborate easily?

Hi Guys,

Just downloaded UE4.7.5 and really impressed with the power of this engine! I have only done work in BASIC, Game-maker and a bit of C as I progress through my CS50x, so i’m more concentrating on Blueprinting at the moment. However I have recently run into a major brick wall and I could do with some help!

I’ve decided to start looking into creating games with other people, so I got a BitBucket account, started a repo and connected the other 2 members of my group to it. However, we rather quickly discovered that if Person A moves a platform, and Person B applies a material to that same block, all hell breaks loose and when we finally get pushing and pulling as we should be, the block is the new material in the old position. What are we doing wrong, or is working on the same level together just a bad idea?

Many Thanks for your help!

Hey RJ311337-

You may want to take a look at version control applications such as Perforce. Using such programs allows for team members to ‘check out’ an asset to work on it and then ‘check in’ when they’re finished. This check out / check in system allows for an asset to be locked to the person currently editing it to prevent conflicts. Once it has been checked in the changes made are saved and the updated file can be accessed by the next person to check it out. This also allows for separate versions to be saved so if there is a conflict or other issue the changes can be reverted back to a previous state.

Hi , many thanks for the tip! We’ve now switched to an internal Perforce server and must admit we are impressed!