Game Development Ladder

So, i want to bring my ideas for games into reality, but i don’t know the steps required to go from idea to completely finished product that is available on Steam/GOG/Origin/Battle.Net/etc

I have a few ideas in mind here is a few i have in mind

A 3D Side-Scrolling Platformer inspired by Commander Keen.

A Commander Keen HD game

4 games revolving around The 4 horseman of the apocalypse

A game that is so realistic it quite litterally makes virtual reality look pittiful(think of it as Litteral Reality but in a game, hard to explain the concept)

A game based on Samsung vs Apple(something of a “silly game” designed to be just that, silly)

that is just a few ideas i have for games, but i would like to know every single step(even the smaller, insignificant ones) of going from an idea to the finished product.

You’re basically asking how to make a game entirely which is too general of a question to answer

There are tons of answers for “how to make a video game” and similar Google questions.
Try this for starters:

The game would freeze because of all the processing needed to make that happen. lol.

My advice is to start smaller.

A lot smaller. Make a simple game similar to an old arcade game (try Missile Command). Something like this is a good project to give you an appreciation of just how much work making games actually is.