Game Development generalist modeler and 3D modeler pursuing related work.


I am a 3D modeler with game development experience and knowledge. My schedule currently opened up to doing freelance work either small or medium. I can help a development team or individual with Unreal and Unity game projects, or as needed. Additionally, I can offer c/c++ programming assistance. I actively been using several game engines for game development, and model in Blender. So, I am looking to pursue any 3D modeling or game development work freelance, or become part of a bigger team. I will love to work small or medium projects to pursue a career in game development.

Please contact me via direct message private message, or email at [EMAIL=“”] Discord
Game Engine(Other engines experience)
Youtube Channel

Hello vivienneananthony just one question

as I am a small time solo dev at the moment I wouldn’t be able to pay until I am able to start crowdfunding so I just wanted to enquire whether you are ok with royalties or unpaid work until the prototype is done?

Kind Regards