Game Development - Education / Gamification ( Game Designers / Code Monkeys )

Hi i am Pj Systems developer and Currently the Team leader / Founder of thinktank

We are currently looking for some Game Designers that would want to help and make some kickass game… more specifically some education games , that is hidden in a plain game , but it also has some Gamification stuff’s that we have added.

We have already planned a lot but , we are in need of someone to help with the game design as we already make the backend / platform for the game and now we are making the game itself.

We are also in need of some coders / code monkey too like my self

here are the basic things that we have made for the concept art




If you are interested pls contact me on skype, patrick[dot]jayson[dot]sanchez pls be polite and be specific on where you found me :smiley:

I’d like there to be more clarification on what this means for us, and what the project’s initial plan is to be done with by the end of production.

Hi sorry for the late reply been super busy.

What is in it for you. Royalty + Payment (This is a more into what you have contributed) - clarifications no contributions, no mula / money or royalty.

The initial plan is to be able to make a game using unreal and then making a pc(windows / Linux) , Mobile (android / IOS) version of the game.

The initial take is Math , 1st Grade up to 3rd Grade for the initial base build of the game that will be a freemium App , Available for everyone to enjoy.

The Game has a fast paced learning curve with pets, that evolve as you level them up, but rather than just fighting this game would be more concentrated with learning , but would be disguised as a game , like for example Counting from 1 - 100, Skipping counts , Shapes & Colors etc.

then we will make them into a game that children would like to play but in a more interactive game play with their pets, and also as their pets level up, they can also teach the child advance stuff’s in math, the night time , day time, 2:00 Pm etc. those kinds of stuff, but the center is multiplayer nothing beats playing and learning with friends.

For this we plan to ship it into someone who is already collaborated with me from canada , and also market it here in the philippines.

this is not just some ordinary game as this will be a tool in which schools , parents would use our web service to gain access to the child’s development in math skills , and learn how fast they have learned and also how much have they learn in such a short period of time.

for more information i would recommend doing a skype session with me so that i can explain further if you are really interested , as I have already planned out everything except the people that i need to make the game and a bit of the game design part sadely.

skype: patrick[dot]jayson[dot]sanchez
email: patrickjayson900[at]