Game Developers vs Enterprise?

What to choose ?, Someone who can summarize it in an advanced way.

The biggest benefits from using Unreal Studio (the enterprise version of UE4), are Unreal Datasmith and using python scripting with the editor.

Python scripting is still experimental, so use at your own risk. But Datasmith is for getting CAD files into UE4. If you aren’t using CAD files, use the game developer version of Unreal Engine, not Studio.

But for all aspects. As in obtaining benefits as in their tools… Someone?

You can’t use Enterprise to make games and sell games or sell interactive products.

I understand that the development version is focused on developers and with it you can create a large application (a game for example) and put it in the public. On the other hand, the Enterprice, has more things related to designers, but instead, you can not put it to the public, it is for personal use.

You could do very funny things with the Enterprice, it’s a shame.

I have a question. The development version, will they charge you royalties ?.

You have to pay 5% of your revenue, after your UE4 game product makes $3000 per quarter of a year. So if you do not make $3000 every three months with your UE4 game, then you owe nothing.

is the tools for game developers and enterprise are same? please tell me becoz iam a architectural designer…need to choose which one…

The tools are the same. There’s also the optional Unreal Studio suite that can be installed.

so basically it doesnt matter which one?

Someone linked the FAQ above for a reason;