Game Developer Freelancer [LFW] [PAID]



my name is Sebastian Feja and i am a Game Developer Freelancer.

I am working on my own title since the first release of Unreal Engine 4.

I need money to support my project, so i am offering my talent now.

I am still very busy, so i can do small/medium tasks for you.

My experiences very widely.

Here is a little port folio showing my own public projects:

I have 10 private small projects that i will finish when i need them for my own big project.

My skills:
( “-” Poor Skill)
( “+” Beginner Skill)
("++" Intermediate Skill)
("+++" Professional Skill)

++ Landscape Material Design
+++ Outlining
++ Post Process Effects
++ Almost everything that has to do with Materials

++ Adjusting Animations, Importing, Using them.

+++ Almost everything that has to do with Blueprints.

  • The things i still have to learn is AI.

  • Multiplayer

  • Effects are also my little weakness, still have to learn this.

++ Writing GDD, making Gameplay Designs and Mechanics
+++ Skilltree Designs (2 Books full of Skilltrees :slight_smile: )

++ User Interface
+++ Usability

++ C++
++ Game Plugin

I think there is much more, just ask me, if i can do your task. Cause my skill vary widely, i can learn new stuff quite quickly.
But please consider that i cannot make big tasks cause my project has first priority.

How to contact me:

[EMAIL=“”] (My UE4 Mail)
[EMAIL=“”] (Official Support Mail)
[EMAIL=“”] (Skype Mail)

Cheers and see you later :slight_smile:

Sebastian Feja