Game Dev Tools Mega Pack…tools-megapack

I’m working on big plugin with systems and frameworks that I’m always creating from scratch when starting new project. Want to have one plugin with all of them. Not doing it for money but shipping it on marketplace is motivating me to keep this up to date and without nasty hacks :slight_smile:

You can see whole content on Trello: Trello
I have discord channel as well: UE4GameDevTool

0.1 (shipped)

  • Blinking lights,
  • Health system,
  • Damage system,
  • Lighting influence system,
  • Draw debug,
  • Lot’s of handy functions when developing game,

0.2 (wip)

  • Interaction System, (done),
  • Inventory and Items,
  • Items Editor,
  • Measure shader,
  • Blueprint Sticky Note,

Systems planned:

  • Ranged weapon, complete melee, factions, near spot system, disasemblent, AI tokens, flying movement, cheat manager - and basically lot more.

Detailed backlog can be found on Trello. You can vote, request and comment systems as well.

Let me know if you have any feedback! Will be posting updates here as well.

WIP - Sticky Note for Blueprint