Game Dev Generalist/Programmer/Consultant/Prototyper/Tutor with 10+ years in the industry!

Hi everyone, my name is Jared and I’ve been with the community for about 6 years now and I’ve been developing games for 10 years. Growth has slowed recently at my company, so I’m looking for full-time, part-time, or contract work other community members may be able to offer. Whether you need work done or need guidance on how to do something or want to learn the engine or game development in general, I can help!

You may recognize my name around the forums, as an engine contributor, marketplace seller or as the author of the UE4 version of iTween.

For the past five years I have been working as a Technical Lead to consult clients on product and manage our own automated testing product. My team is distributed and agile, working with Git, python, Jenkins, Javascript, C# and Java.

In my free time I work on various contracts for game development houses big and small to produce rapid prototypes or do commissions, usually in animation or subsystem programming/microservices in C++. As a bonus, I have my own face & body motion capture setup.

As a person who’s been using Unreal Engine for 6 years, I am confident with all aspects of it from the animation system to developing productivity plugins in C++. When I was fresh out of university, my friends and I had a porting-house startup in which we ported code projects from one language to another (such as python >> C++ or Javascript to .NET).

See my Marketplace seller page here:…r=DESC&start=0

Code samples/reel work available on request!

Availability is open. I am in the Pacific time zone. Rate based on job, length, and client. Private Messages work best! English (US) / Spanish (Mexico)

-Model rigging and skinning
-Motion Capture (body + face)
-Procedural worlds
-Procedural animation
-Animation blueprints and retargeting
-Gameplay Programming
-Unreal C++
-Plugin creation and best practices
-Automation tests & QA
-Profiling and optimization
-Port jobs (BP to C++ or C++ to BP)
-Executable building and packaging
-Eliminating runtime errors and other debugging
-Virtual production
-Data ingression and processing, Reflection and FProperty system work (such as converting CSV to game data at runtime)
-UMG & UI building
-Game music loops (menus, level loops)
-Clean, scalable, maintainable and well-commented code. Yes, I have an obsession with details.

Other experience:
-Physics (Character, hard and soft body)
-Box modeling
-3D Sculpting
-Animation by hand
-Motion capture data cleanup
-Unwrapping and texturing
-Material creation, HLSL
-Cloth system
-Web Authorization (for account systems)
-Git & SVN (subversion)
-PCVR and Oculus Quest

Sent a pm!

Hello @Jared_Therriault, I was curious if you would be interested in working with Epoch Games?

We are looking for an Assistant Lead Unreal Engine Developer, as well as several Non-Lead Unreal Engine Developers, at this time.