Game Designer - Sharing some details

This message is all the Game Developers out there.

I share a peek of my script for a new IP I was working on, a game that will never come to life without someone to trust in this idea and in me. I have alot more of the story and I will gladly show it and give it to you, at least maybe someone else could bring it to life, more details on private.
You will find my e-mail at the bottom of this post, so we can talk in private.
To bring this story to life I would need a big budget so I’m affraid that this is not possible right now, so I am looking to see if someone finds this few lines of text interested.
Note: The following content resembling details and insights about a story written by me should not be used without my agreement.

The game design struggles to tell people a story about reality, a story about a man’s drama; a man called . It involves time travel and comes with a theory based on reality as close as possible.
It was supposed to be a triology and the first part was called “The Journal”.
This part would’ve been taking players in the past, back in the days before the miracle happened, a miracle that he called an illusion. You see, was not your ordinary type of guy, he was a stupid one, but then he got smart. Fortunatley for him it was no too late to live He learned his lesson about life. First of all, you may be all wondering “-Who is ?”
is this guy, a guy that represents an ideal -a wish that: you, I, everyone of us may share: To live a life where you are not a failure, a life where you are happy with yourself, a life in wich you make other people happy, a life in wich you are loved by the right person and you love the right person, a life in wich you’re your own hero, a life with as few mistakes as possible, a life that it is not quiet possible. was the type of guy that had alot of bad luck and did alot of stupid things when he was younger, he failed at so many things that he was now in this situations where he was alone, no one cared about him, not even his familly. He was a failure. No one understood him, no one could’ve save him. Why? He was a perfectionist, he could not accept that he lost his teens locked in a room, and even with all the money in the world he couldn’t solve this problem, he can’t turn back the time to live what for other guys was an ordinary life. Spending so much time alone, with his thoughts he thought:
-Why can’t I fight this “destiny”, is there really anyone trying to stop me live my dream besides of myself ? Who’s there to stop me? What is there something that I can’t do if I really wish for? And that’s all I have left anyway, so why not use my last chance to fight back with all the power against my past, my future? Afterall, the strongest weapon that a human can use against these two foes is his present.
And so it was, he was right…

Ok, I will stop here as I consider this enough to receive a response and I’m trying to give as much details as possible. I can bring whole pages with the script itself, having the entire game script already wrote down togheter with the overall game design and the other details.
This game will focus on a more cinematic aproach, similar to games like: Red Dead Redemption, The Last Of Us. So for any questions, offers and what so please contact me!

I think that if you want sensible answers you are going to have to share more of the game itself. I find the script a bit vague, but a good game design might offset that. And as you say you have more of the script ready. So far I only got that the story is about a sort off depressed guy.

But the most important thing is; I have no idea what your vision for the game is in the slightest. Will you destroy hordes of entities from the past and future with a huge arsenal of ‘illusionary’ weapons first person style. Or will you use illusions to solve complex puzzles in a relaxing pace point n click style?

Bottom-line is; I ,personally, think you need to share more in order to make people more interested in this and start mailing you.