game designer/creative director looking for experience

Hello There,

my name is chris, i am an engineer student from italy and I am looking to join a team of developers. i started 4 years ago to join gaming industry first coding little things with c++/c# (but being all similar i know how to work with all type of codes … one of the last things i did was creating a custom theme for discord you can see it here then i stepped into making some 3d drawings both technical and non technical (unfortunally finding out i am not skilled into making non technical draws, on the other hand being pretty good with technical ones) finally i made a few maps for a pokemon game (pokemon revolution, it’s classic pokemon but online).

now i am looking to do what i am best at: creating games/using my imagination/creativity to create anything. this means the roles i am looking at are game designer and creative director. i am looking for experience in it so i am down to not get paid for it / get paid once the game start getting money back from it.
i already have ideas about games to make, so, i know i could just make my own team but being a student i have not the money to do so, so, i am looking for one to join.

if you are interested in what ideas i may have and you are down to let me work as game designer just contact me, we will see what can suit us. email me at: … i won’t post the ideas here for two reason: 1 post would become too long, 2 giving info to those not interested wouldn’t be really clever cause they could get them and create their own game. that said those interested will just have to contact to know more.

i can work most of the day and all ideas i think of are thought carefully in order to: makes a game fun, make it unique and make it able to get money back from it.

if you wanna ask anything feel free to ask here or directly by email.

don’t miss your chance to get into some great games :wink:

greetings, chris