Game Designed by Me

I posted a topic on this game days ago, but I’ve flagged that post to be deleted so that I can start over again.

I invented this game, but it does not belong to me – it is a community project. If you wanna make this game yourself, or make it with others, or take it to a big-name publisher, or help me make it, then please do lend a hand. I’d like to see this game get made, as it is well-designed, and there are not that many well-designed games out there.

The game is called “Warpath”, because the whole point of the game is obtaining powerful equipment and then going out to battle players.

This is a game where time and place, and even direction, are all important factors.

A player can form a gang, and other players can join this gang by making a pact. There can only be 8 players in a gang, and players connected by a pact, cannot damage each other. A gang can plant a flag, so long as there is not another flag within its vicinity. As long as you’re in your flag’s radius, all of your stats will be increased by 1 point. This creates a system where players battle for territorial dominance. Players who are not in a gang, or are in a rival gang, can destroy a gang’s flag.

Players also need to work together to destroy powerful boss NPCs that drop items at random, with different drop rates. These NPCs spawn rarely, creating a high value for equipment. This is not a game for people who get angry at video games, because players can and will kill you to steal your precious equipment – that is, if you let them!

A player’s bagspace is only four spaces, preventing players from hoarding too much equipment.

The stats are the spine of the game, and everything else is carefully interwoven together based on the stats.

I like my games complex and abstract-minded, and my only fear is that this game is not complicated enough.