Game Design / Level Design Online courses that use UE4

I’m interesting in following a Game Design and Production course online.
The duration should be from 10 to 15 weeks long, but not limited.
A certification/diploma that has relevance.(As much as one can have)

Does anybody know a good place to get some nice lessons with UE4 as software?

Thank you

UE4 software is really self taught with all the assistance in how to videos and all that are out there. You don’t need a course to teach you have to get started using it. Advanced stuff maybe but with enough playing around with it you wont need the courses.

Yes there are some helpful materials out there for learning UE4, which I am using as I write this to develop a measly 2D Platformer, but if you check again my request, I am looking for Game Design/Level Design courses that use UE4 for their prototyping and what not.

I can see that the Title of the topic is misleading. I’ll try to change it. ( And I cannot :D) Thanks anyway for your input.

I am currently working on my bachelors in Game Art and Design at the art institute of pittsburg’s online division. We didn’t start using UDK/UE4 until like a year or two ago. I do not know if they offer courses just in UE4 or if anyone offers courses in UE4 for that matter. I would just keep looking and hopefully you find something.