Game Creation

Hi, Im currently interested in creating a 3D combined with a little bit of 2D rpg game. Something like the Persona franchise would I be able to achieve that goal using the Unreal engine and how would I do it? Also what type of computer would you suggest to help maximise the experience?

I don’t think you’l ever get an answert to questions something like “how would I do it - please make the game for” me :slight_smile: - possible with UE, yes of course. Which computer you need for your users depends highly on how you create the game (how many meshes, how many polygons, materials is a big performance point, lighting, …) - so to sum up, it is possible and even to target mobile devices so little performance, but it depends on your skills :slight_smile: hope to have helped a little bit - just write a rought game design doc and get started with the small steps