Game Crashing when the Projectile hits the Pickup

It’s very strange.

I have these pickups:

Both have a box collider around them.
The problem is, when I play the game and hit those colliders with a FirstPersonProjectile the engine crashes.

It tried deleting the Box Collider and everything works fine.

Also, the Static Meshes (the red cross and the shield) and the Box Colliders have different Collision settings, so I tried setting them THE SAME and that solved my problem.

What I ask is: is this normal?


I have a few questions to help narrow down the causes of this crash:

  • Originally, how did you have your collision set up when the crash was occurring?
  • When you changed the collision settings for the mesh and the box collision, what did you change them to?
  • Are you able to reproduce the crash in a new project?
  • Does the crash occur when you walk your character into the collider as well, or just when you hit it with a projectile?

1. I just put a Box Collider without changing anything from its settings. Just a standard Box Collision.



3. I’m sorry, the project at moment is too large and can’t remake it. It’d take a long while. But if you want, I can pass you the project.

4. Just with the projectile

I still wonder how do people make professional games with this Engine issues :S

If you could zip up and upload the project to Dropbox and provide a link, then I can take a look at your setup and figure out exactly what is causing the issue. Thank you.

The upload requires 3 hours. Is there a way to Upload only essential files instead of the whole project?

You can delete the Saved and Intermediate folders from the project directory, as well as the Derived Data Cache. Then you can zip up the project, and this should significantly decrease the size of the project.

Here’s the link: Dropbox - Error

Note that in the project the issue is fixed. In order to make the game crash, you just need to Right-Click the blue shield in the level and edit its Blueprint.

After that, you just need to delete the existing box collider and replace it with a new one (obviously, leaving the default settings for the collider).


I have reproduced the issue in your project, and entered a bug report (UE-24032). Thank you for you report.

Have a great day,

Sean Flint

@Sean Flint

Thank you.

Is that a problem related to my project? Is my project, someway, corrupted/bugged?

I was unable to reproduce the issue in a new project, so it is possible that that is the case.