Game crashes when "Set Steering Input" is called

For some reason when I try to steer my vehicle it either destroys itself, or the game crashes. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, my BP is really simple.

Its a scale issue, unparent everything then reset scale using something like xform in 3dsmax the reimport and you should be fine

What error do you get?

When I try to steer the vehicle, this happens.

Apparently somehow your calculation of the car’s position is going crazy. Do you have any BP apart from the above controlling it’s location. Or are you somehow generating a huge amount of axis input?

Hmm not really, maybe the car’s wheels are moving too fast?

Does it move normally for any amount of time?

If i just accelerate it moves normally but as soon as the “Set Steering Input” function is called (even if the Steering float is 0) it destroys the car

Also, it doesn’t crash if i try to steer when the car is falling

Hmm, guess it’s something to do with the pawn then, but I have no idea what…

Could it be the mesh?

Probably not, but I think you’ll have to start with a basic pawn and work your way back to your car, until it explodes…

Yep, it’s my car skeltal mesh. It doesn’t crash if i use the sample advanced vehicle skeltal mesh. I don’t know what’s wrong with my mesh though.

Ha!.. interesting.

What do you mean? Like, instead of using the “import uniform scale” setting in UE4, just scale it up in Blender and then reimport it?

I think your physics asset isn’t set up correctly. Compare the physical asset of your car with the physics asset of the sample car provided. See if there are any differences, especially on the wheels.