Game crashes upon opening iOS app

Hello all,

I was finally able to get my game on an iOS device, but the game crashes upon launch. I don’t know much about reading logs but it mentions “AGXMetalA13” right where the crash happens. My game was built using UE 4.24.3 and it was deployed to an iPhone 11 Pro on iOS 14.0.1. I’ve attached the crash log to this post. Any help would be greatly appreciate it!

Try disabling all of your plugins (the ones that you imported, including plugins for android)
Also see if you have any large textures

Does the game get past the UE4 loading splash screen? And then crash after successfully launching for a small amount of time? if so it could be a memory problem, ue4 texture streaming will stream textures into ram just after the game has launched and if you go over the iOS ram limit iOS will kill the app without warning.

You can hook up the xcode debugger to see exactly what the issue is.