Game crashes on startup

Judging by the callstack it’s a driver crash.

the game just crashes on linux (ubuntu 14.04.4), still not tested with another game or in another computer, i’ve just compiled the engine with the cross compiler toolchain, used the UE in the github (downloaded it this week) and used the powershell script to create the toolchain (i’ve just changed the link from where it downloads clang, because looks like it downloads an older version of clang not compatible with 4.13 so i just changed for a link to a newer clang).

i will upload the newest file in the “crash” folder.


it may be true, i have a R9 270, and i usually have problems with AMD drivers on linux, gonna ask a friend to test for me in another computer. i will return with the results

ok, i’ve asked a friend to test for me, he said it was working, i’ve also tested in my old notebook and it didn’t work but i won’t complain since it’s a very old notebook and even the SO is in a really old version, let’s consider it’s working fine at all, but if someday i launch a game to linux, how can i know what are the pre-requisites? not in terms of hardware perfomance, but how can i know what version of openGL/Direrctx is needed or what are the supported OSs (eg.: works on windows XP? or a really old version of linux?), is there a simple answer to this or i would need to make a lot of tests to discover?

Normal practice is to recommend the latest drivers. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work as some OS can stop updating the drivers. On Linux, I suggest testing Ubuntu and figuring out which driver combinations work. For rolling distributions (like Arch) users you can just recommend updating to the latest driver, such users are expected to be sufficiently technically proficient to do that (and figure out the problems themselves).