Game crash......

UE 4 version is 4.8.3, I finally successfully package the demo game on the device, but the game immediately crash (tips “Unfortunately, xxx has stopped”), and I use debug monitor, the fail log is

“08-28 17:01:41.473: E/dalvikvm(23744): dlopen(”/data/app-lib/com.YourCompany.SwingNinja-1/") failed: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol “_ZNSt6chrono3_V212system_clock3nowEv” referenced by “”…

how the hell does this happen? any way to solve the problem?

Hi Godenzzm,

It can’t find chrono::_v2::system_clock::now(). This is in the packaged in the APK copied from the NDK. Make sure you have ndk-r9c or ndk-r9d for 4.8.3. We have moved to supporting r10e with AndroidWorks in 4.9.

Ok, I succeed, the game finally run on the device, thank you very much !!!