Game Crash on Item/Mesh/Texture replacement

Hello Guys,

I’m just starting to mod - having programming experience, but all of this Ark Dev Kit is quite confusing…
So I wanted to make a nice, little Mod: Just replacing Berry Plant Textures:

Now, I got the mod compiling, uploading, and “working” in my Local Game: I tried out making all of the engrams disappear and reappear.
BUT: I placed some Crop Plots with fully grown Plots in the Game, to see if the colours would change with the mod enabled.
And the game crashes every time I get anywhere near the location. I guess that’s because the game tries rendering the new plants.

Error Message: (I don’t understand everything, but it says Crop Plots :wink: )

The Mod, from Top down, works like that:

I remap the Berry Seeds:

My Berry Seed Blueprints, which are children of the original ones, have the last Fruit Stage Mesh replaced:

The Plant Mesh has the Leaves Mesh replaced:

The Leaves Mesh has the Base Colour Texture replaced:

…(this part I’m not sure if I changed it… so, is this good?)

And I just exported and then reimported the **Leaf Texture

After having it edited in Paint.Net

…What did I do wrong? It was nearly one day of work, just to get the mod uploaded and working and I’m still confused about how everything is tied together…

Thanks in advance for your help and time!

might be the naming of the texture i have seen in the past in my mods that if by chance its named something that already in a map or ingame it may cause crashes

Yeah sorry, I got that one wrong:
Except for the Consumable_Seeds, which are already divided in all the different Berries, I always took the general Cantaloupe files, made children (copies where not possible) of them and renamed those.
Textures and everything. So I think that schouldn’t be the problem, should it?

could be someone u would have to test try not making them childs of it and just make a copy