Game Crash at Standalone but works well at Viewport

Hi Guys ,
Just found a Problem with the BTD_UpdateRoute for Vehicle AI .

I got a Problem just on Standalone Game (Game Crash), everything works fine if i play it in viewport.
What is the difference to the viewport and why does not it?
Maybe even someone has ne idea or a suggestion?

[2015.03.01-11.21.07:372][546]LogBlueprintUserMessages:Warning: ClearTimer passed a bad function (UpdateMovement) or object (AI_Buggy_Mp_Blueprint_C_3) [2015.03.01-11.21.07:372][546]LogBlueprintUserMessages:Warning: ClearTimer passed a bad function (UpdateMovement) or object (AI_Buggy_Mp_Blueprint_C_3) [2015.03.01-11.21.07:383][547]LogOutputDevice:Warning:

Script Stack: BTD_UpdateRoute_C.ExecuteUbergraph_BTD_UpdateRoute BTD_UpdateRoute_C.ReceiveExecutionFinish

[2015.03.01-11.21.07:383][547]LogWindows:Error: Windows GetLastError: Der Vorgang wurde erfolgreich beendet. (0) [2015.03.01-11.21.09:297][547]LogWindows: === Critical error: === Assertion failed: ((UObject*)ContainerPtr)->IsA((UClass*)GetOuter()) [File:D:\BuildFarm\buildmachine_++depot+UE4-Releases+4.7\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Public\UObject\UnrealType.h] [Line: 357] ‘CarWaypoint_C_0’ is of class ‘CarWaypoint_C’ however property ‘ObjectProperty_995’ belongs to class ‘TRASHCLASS_CarWaypoint_190’


Hi Krah,

Could you post the full callstack, Log, and Dmp files? Also, when it crashes make sure to send the crash report to us if you haven’t already.

What is BTD_UpdateRoute? Sounds like your custom BT node. Would you mind posting it? When does it crash? At the start, at the end? We need more details.

Hi, I 've found the problem .
Very strange to me that the update procedure, the error was displayed was hiding in a function .
In 4.6 and 4.7 Preview 3-4 there was no problem with the ClearTimer
no object was to specify .
In 4.7 for the standalone version u need a Self Ref on the object.

Thus the problem is resolved for me.
Thanks for your effort