Game Controls Discussion

Hey guys, I am working on an action multiplayer game, (isometric game view like in diablo 3) where skills are important part of the combat system. the game will have support for controllers too but I am trying to solve problems for PC keyboard mouse input. The player is moving with WASD keys, space for jump, targeting in the direction to the mouse, etc. I would like to add
dodge like in Dark Souls, but I have a problem deciding what controls to use for dodge on PC. Dark Souls for example use <arrows or WASD + space>, but I already use space for the jump. Does anybody have a good idea about it? Do you have some good examples from some of the games that may be or something It would be so cool to hear your opinion :wink:


Make it all configurable. Add support for multiple input devices. You should do this first when your game is ready for some config menus and settings (ie. when you design GUI). Input configuration can be first settings you code into GUI.

However do not waste too much time on tuning input yet. First you need to have working game prototype with gameplay loop, some idea how your game will play etc.
Just make your game configurable and pass all input trough single place in code (so you have single point where you tweak it and include new input methods).

Thanks, man! Yeah, that is what I am doing already, But in main time I wanted to search a bit and talk with people to find the solution.

^ This ^ is solid advice… But just to add, It can help to develop first using a gamepad imo. First, it forces you to be clear about your choices (as you have less options than keyboard / mouse). Second there’s a catch… UE4 support for gamepad out of the box is mixed, so better to know that now. Overall, there are lots of free / paid templates for adding control menu settings to your game. So it may be worth sourcing a highly-rated one, as you’ll quickly learn best practice and where to avoid problems.

But get a killer prototype together first before sweating any of this, as there’s only so much you can do or anticipate when a game isn’t even play-tested yet (games often morph from initial designs to final product too). Its for that reason you should arguably spend the least amount of time designing UI / Menus right now, and leave that to later stages of development. Also, try to have as few Menus or Controls as possible anyway. Simplicity is key, and Menus / UI often break immersion / flow of gameplay imo…

I would post this question too in Dark-Souls-like FB / Discord games groups.
To get a list of pet hates from gamers as regards what they don’t want to see. :stuck_out_tongue: