Game Closes on Taking Screenshot

I’m trying to take screenshot of resolution 9600x5400 in packaged game.

When I take screenshot from command line, After sometime it will close the game without any prompt.

My Configuration is:

Processor : Intel Core i3- 2.1 GHz


Graphic card : Nvidia Geforce 410M, 512 MB

Hi ,

Your machine is below our recommended specs. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a satisfactory experience with your hardware. You can find our recommended specs here:

Hi ,

I already developed game on high configuration PC (matched with recommended hardware that you mentioned).

I am testing my developed game on above laptop. I am not able to take HighResShot of 9600x5400 on this laptop.


Are you able to take the HighResShot on the PC that you developed on with a packaged project?

Yes, I do.

have you tried taking a lower resolution screenshot with the computer that is having trouble?If it works without problems on a computer that meets our recommended hardware specs, this is likely not a bug but a limitation of the computer in question.