[GAME] Classic COD Shooter

Hello Guys,
I’m working now for 6 months on a Classic Shooter Game like Call Of Duty it was a few years ago.I currently implemented the Basic Features like the Gamemodes Free-For-All & Team-Deathmatch.The SPAS-12 Shotgun and the Assault Rifle M4A1 is also added to the Game.I released 3 Videos about my development progress and the current version is Alpha v1.02.Below you can find the currently implemented Features and the links to my development progress videos.I want to implement more Gamemodes in the Future like CTF (Capture The Flag), Domination and so on.As well I want to add the old Killstreaks like the AC-130, Chopper Gunner, Care Package and so on.

Alpha v1.01 Features:
- [+] Added Changelog
- [+] Climb System
- [+] Killstreaks
- [+] Perks
- [+] Added SPAS-12
- [+] Display Killstreaks when they get reached
- [+] Classeditor
- [+] Load and Save Classes
- [+] Rename Classes
[li] Show Condition Bar now
Alpha v1.02 Features:
[+] Minimap
[+] Fall Damage
[+] Regenerating Health
[+] Blood Screen Effect
[+] Compass
[+] Breaking Glass
[+] Display Points after Kill
[+] Added Settings
[li] Improved GUI**[/li]**
[li] Improved Classeditor**[/li]**
[li] Fixed Muzzle FX[/li]
First Development video (Release):

Alpha v1.01 Development video:

Alpha v1.02 Development video:**