Game Center Unavailable

I’m trying to test out Game Center but all I get is “Game Center Unavailable, Player is not signed in”. I’ve enabled game center in the provisioning profile, project settings, and setup and enabled game center in itunes connect. I also setup a test sandbox user in itunes connect and logged into Game Center with that user.

The function I’m trying to run is “Show Platform Specific Leaderboard Screen”. I’ve looked at TappyChicken and I don’t understand what function prompts for the Game Center Login or sees if a user is already logged into Game Center or should this be done automatically if Game Center is enabled in the project settings?

Has anyone successfully tested out game center on iOS? Or can anyone direct me to an example or explain to me how TappyChicken sees if a user is already logged into Game Center?

Hi @rckt26,

Actually I was just now able to get it working. I was constantly getting the Game Center Unavailable on my game. After downloading the GKTapper iOS same app from Apple and testing I could verify it wasn’t directly related to UE4.

As it turns out there is a switch in the Settings app Game Center area that you need to switch on for Game Center to be used in Sandbox mode. Simply logging in with a sandbox account isn’t enough.

Also from what I can tell Simply having Game Center support checked in UE4 is enough to bring up the login. I didn’t have to specifically use any blueprint nodes to bring it up.

Thanks that helps a lot. I’ve logged into the sandbox user but now I have to figure out why the developer options in your screenshot don’t show up for me now.