Game Center not working in UE4.9.2

Works fine in UE4.8, but whenever I convert my project to UE4.9 the automated login fails to happen at the beginning of my game.

I’ve ensured Game center support is enabled aswell as Sandbox mode on my device.


Are there any error or saved that you could provide? Are you able to pull the off of the device once the project is opened?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Hi ,

“LogOnline:Warning: Failed to create session delegate” this warning arises near the bottom.

Here is the full log:

[link text][1]

62064-pixieplunder12.log (24 KB)

Have you made the relevant changes for the online subsystem login that changed in 4.9 ?


Thanks Rob, I hadn’t seen that. That solved my problem :slight_smile: