Game Center and Google Play services wont work on C++ project

Hi all.
I have a problem. My game wont start either GooglePlay and GameCenter. It’s a C++ project.

When i make simple Blueprint project, GameCenter and GooglePlay load correctly,
but when i make the SAME simple C++ project, GameCenter and GooglePlay wont load.

Settings are correctly imported, and apps are correctly setted on Google Play Developer console and iTunnesConnect.
What am i missing? Is ther some option i have to enable?

Bare in mind that the SAME project, only made in Blueprint is working as it should.

Never mind. Solved it buy adding code to Build.cs

if ((Target.Platform == UnrealTargetPlatform.IOS))

How do you do that without Proguard changing it back? I did this exact thing and it was reset when I built and pushed my project to my Android device.