Game Build Give Fatal Error

Hello, I’m having a problem when I made a build using a plugin I made.

When the Game is packaged and I run the EXE. I get a fatal error. I was not sure what is happening but the project builds were found with no Errors or Warning.

I have a Custom plugin that I use when I want to make a game. This plugin is like when I make a new project and did the code in the Source folder or use a Template project that was already made.

I’m not 100% sure where this Fatal Error is coming from but I’m thinking it could be a module Problem (Something that I’m not 100% knowledgable about .)

Can Anyone Help me out?

Are you using a binary version of the engine or the source build? Is it a C++ plugin? The output log in the editor isn’t giving any warnings or errors?

I’ve used “Build” in projects in visual studio that gave no errors and packaged in Unreal Engine but failed to open.

These were module problems stemmed by not having .cpp .h and build.cs files in the appropriate place. This was creating a C++ project from an existing blueprint project. The build file also needs to be in YourProjectName/source/YourProjectName and make sure to include in the build.cs file>

PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] {“SomeModule”});

Where “SomeModule” might be the missing module. I couldn’t say for sure since you built the plugin. It requires a bit of setup… But if the module is missing from those files it’s essentially stripping out a “block” of your game and it’s not going to run properly. If you know the plugin to definitely work,
something might just be in the wrong directory.

Have you tried disabling the plugin and packaging and then running? That’ll tell you right away if something in the plugin itself is causing the problem. If it still does it something in the logic could be broken.