Game Blueprinter Needed

Needing a team member who can help with Blueprint Scripting. This team member will be able to set up “Game Pad” controls, “Utilizing Saviors Auto Save System”, “Inventory Systems”, and some smaller things as well. I do most of the blueprinting, but have some issues with all concepts. Blueprinter should be able to help with understanding and/or creation of blueprints, to be sent and implemented into the project. Nothing major just some assistance with blueprinting.

Royalty will be 1/3 of the stake in the released game profit (based on only 3 team members). After release, you can have your earnings sent to your choice of merchant (PayPal, FB, Bank to Bank, etc.).

What are we working on?

Our game is taking a form of game play from Alien, Metroid, Zelda, and Fallout 4.

Example Story: I am making a game that starts the player in space on a basic spaceship doing typical things for the reasons of being on the spaceship. An alien object hits the ship causing issues and malfunctions and manifesting itself into a monster that is causing havoc on the spaceship. After attempting to rid this problem, you are forced to travel to Earth to save yourself. Only to find that your ship was only hit by a piece of the object. The rest hit the planet. You will then travel around desolate areas for survival and eradication of this monster alien. The rest is weapon content, feel and appearance, as well as functionality.

I have the ability to get modeling done, as well as design and mid level programing, storyboard, audio, marketing, and probably more.

Please note this game is in concept and not started yet. I would like to make sure I have the help and resources available first. So I would be liking someone to come in and start from ground up to keep a good idea of workflow and how things should be working.

Project Pay and Terms:
The price on this game is to be set at $29.99 through certain outlets. Discounted price of $14.99 at PreD-Day (one month before release).
This game is estimated to take 10 months to complete so we are needing committed individuals. Our release goal is June 1st 2019.

If you are interested leave a comment and let me know. Thanks guys and good luck out there.

That sounds frickin awesome, can I get involved?

Hey, highly committed individual here with 1 year++ UE4 experience here :). I would love to get involved. I am pretty comfortable in blueprint and also c++ (if blueprint is not good enough sometimes). Let me know if we can work together!

Glad to here you guys want to help. I am currently reviewing people for the right kind of help. I still am having my main ship modeled while i work on the ground area.

Here is a mock sample of ground:

I don’t mind the extra help beyond one, but it will knock the 1/3 down as you can’t split 1/3 more then 3 ways. I don’t mind splitting more, just want the others to understand.

If need be, I will convey more of my needs to help, So I am looking for someone to use my bought Saviors system 2 and build an inventory and help with multiple weapons socketing maybe different combat modes, not sure yet. I will have 8 weapons. More will become available as the game build progresses. Thanks

If you are interested send me an email to
Will be needing to chat and maybe video chat throughout the build time (10 months-ish). I am not wanting full time help, just self controlled time management.

I feel if I provide a challenge of some sort, I might find the help needed. As I said I have bought Savior Save system, it was updated to 2, now I am having a hard time understanding it.
here is the link to the plugin,

If someone can help me figure out how to use the updated version(2) they would most likely be exactly the help I need with other things.

Hey. I sent an email to that address on Monday. I’ve not had a reply. Didn’t end up in spam folder did I?

Okay folks so I have fixed the Saving issue so I don’t need that to be a part of this anymore. I am still in design phase and will be heading into programing soon. Ya, Warp Static, I got your email. I was just a tad bit busy. I’ll hit you up asap.