[GAME] Behind The Wall

To get a bit off away from the storytelling, Behind The Wall is a third person puzzle adventure game about a kid (?) who is trying to escape the environment that he got stuck in. The puzzles in a game of course are a bit tricky, rely heavily on “out of the box” type of thinking and contains such gameplay elements as gravity manipulations, portals, other characters possession, stealth and minigames. I’m not considering this game as too long, it’s planned to be around 2 to 6 hours long and won’t be very repetitive.

During the development process I’m studying and using a wide variety of tools. In some of them I’m going to be dived more deeply than in the others and even provide some tutorials, which will probably include:

  • Budget Motion Capture tools workflow, from capturing raw data to reaching end in-game result
  • Semi-procedural level creation using Houdini and Houdini Engine
  • Using forward and Inverse Kinematics by IKinema with an example of environment interactions
  • Building a custom gravity-dependent Pawn
  • your suggestions?

Here is a sample video with one of the “chambers” that I’m using to test different game mechanics:

More earlier demo video with custom character controller that is being used in this game:

Please feel free to share your thoughts!

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New gameplay video: