Game based on writing course, Free game

Low priced game on Hold

No positions yet!

Just an update, whilst at the moment no progress has been made on this game. This has been put on hold for its progress. It will be later reviewed when the time comes to reopen the discussion and the ideas for this game.

Just remember “it will not be lost, It just needs some seeds of inspiration and progress that has not been made. Time will tell and when it is right to do so it shall open its door once again.”

See you guys until then. If you have any news you would like to know on its progress on, you can contact me on.

Other then this I am still with the community and may appear in other places to support others too. Working on so many things at the moment. See you later


Interesting idea for game

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Hello @KPs_Fantasy. I enjoy all sorts of new concept games and educational games. One of my first games was a ‘Asteroids Falling’, a Typing Skill game where you type ‘missile’ codes to blast Asteroids crashing into the earth. Your game concept sounds interesting, but Im pondering how it could be translated into a interactive course. I think its going to require some Machine Learning. But the greatest challenge is, its a lot of work to ask for FREE, for FREE game. May want to consider, acquiring grants to finance this.

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If the guy is wanting to make a game about writing he might want to avoid making recruiting posts riddled with grammatical errors.

those 300+ ciaracters you have to make them all become unique in something specific and balance the forces from in order to make it work because if you don’t do things right everyone uses the usual 5 6 characters and if you make changes to the game the userd gona ■■■■ off hard but selling deranged characters and make som rotation is good business good luck i respekt you shark ambition

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Thanks Guys, Never expected anything to show up here. I have been experimenting and testing out by using all sorts of tools such Replica studio for sound audition. 300 characters just not going to work. As just not enough tools to get that variety. I cut down now 20 to cover for a small class size. All with there skills.

I Have now built a full climb system for one of my characters. Just cannot make it jump whilst climbing, not able to control the jump with the launch command. Taking on step towards the game every day the school already built and all characters.

Dialogue system getting there through behaviour tree and so much other good stuff going on. Keep updated to change to skills required now as soon as I can see the gap of what is missing. This is my first challenge at making a game. I guess its best for me to try the waters and come feed back any new news in regards to its progress.

I want to keep it simple through dialogue, The behaviour tree all set up. make interactive conversation and gestures, Where teacher talks. And main students ask questions. Then after this the teacher will present a challenge. you go through a portal to a new world. Then you solve the tasks in class in the real world.

Sorry the task of characters has been cut now to 20, I have no idea how to make a game. So learning all the time. In writing I can build this. Will adapt as going along. Thanks.

Understood, it was going to be long, long project. Too long for me. has been cut down now to 20 all skills already assigned to them. Making good progress with it.

In the meantime anyone willing to test out various features would be appreciated. I want to make sure it works on Windows, Mac and if possible Linux, consoles would be out of question for now. As will not be able to get round to that task.

Once you have a class that works in you game you only have to do 3000 different skills and use a working first class clone to do the other classes super fast give 6 unique skills to ecc class + codivided skill to all class with the skills already made, do quiet 10 classes ecc dey

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Thanks, no still looking for people. Just heads up most likely not going to be free game as initially planned. Always planning and changing ideas. It will be low price however for more people to enjoy.

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