Game based on writing course, Free game.

Do you want to join into an epic long and difficult project, which will involving having 300+ characters? I will be creating the story, the plot the themes and the worlds through writing and exploration.

The biggest task lies on us we will be teaching people about how to write a book though a game, the whole game itself will be a story that can written in text through visualisation. What better way to learn then to get the audience involved and doing something. Something in a world that is dangerous and rewarding.

We can together make quizzes and exam papers on the game that challenge the audience to the limit, we can do so so much.

No need for anybody to worry about creating the storyline I will be building it up and raising it from the ground, I have an heart in writing fantasy action packed books, where the story and the characters are never what you expect. Behold every page you turn will make you question yourself. This is the way I Like to write, I like to keep everybody on the edge all the way.

When it comes to any skill we are always a beginner, we are always learning new skills all the time and if we are not then we are using our time to better ourselves and help others.

So without further ado what I am looking for is people that…

Can create different aspects of the game, question everything they build and push themselves to the limit. I want people that are always looking to improve what they have done. Always focusing on the most important aspects of user interface and accessibility. Can the player easily do this, if not then find and test out other ways to do it. So You would need to be willing to test out and experiment with the engine itself if you know C++ that will be a big bonus. But blueprinters welcome too.

You would need to show good logical skills and problem solving at all times as there will be many issues that will arise along this journey, so you have to be willing to be able to fix errors at any given moment and develop everything according to the storyline. You are welcome to try out the best way that features will work in your styles but please follow the storyline at all times. Trust me you will find it is quite exciting and it will test your game creation skills to an high level.

Remember one thing in this I am not looking to create an ordinary door, no maybe I want to create a moving door, or a magical door, or a door that can eat somebody up the list is endless. In this fantasy world of mine anything is possible at any time so be prepared if you wish to join in. Prepare for a long and unexpected journey. By the way even I am uncertain of the direction it will take, I will do it on the fly as usual and see the amazing work come alive.

So what’s the game about?

This game is not about having end graphics or sound it is about all the small details. Since it is based on my writing course it will have plenty of hidden secrets that are hidden by writing. Typing in the correct sentence will open up something.

The magic in the sentence itself will defeat an enemy as a sentence becomes, magic. It becomes an element. It will have meanings derived from it, which becomes symbols and this is what crafts the magic… you think this sounds good I will stop there before we go too far into it.

I need people that can develop firstly the following:

Fighting system - Melee fighting, I am talking serious melee fighting, with magical weapon effects and more.
Magic fighting - I am talking about the elements, earth, water, fire wind and more
**Archery fighting **- I am talking long range archery that looks realistic without being seen by somebody. Almost to level of hidden sniper.

I am welcome to work with others too who can help in the art of object creation,
Object animation
Character animation

This is just the beginning if you want know more then please contact me on