Game based on UE4 doesn't work

Hello everyone,

Since some times, some of my games don’t work anymore. At first, I thought it came from the games but later I found out that there’s one common thing between all those games: Unreal Engine 4.
All of them crash the same way: The process launch, use my CPU correctly, then I got a white window (2/3 of my screen) of the game for 1 or 2 seconds, then it crashes.
The only thing that changes one time is that I got this error message on Octopath Traveler:

I looked on google for hours and, since I have no games on the Epic Games Launcher, It took me a full month to find out that even the Epic Launcher is bugging AF on my computer: The window is appearing and disappearing every 0.5 sec and the only way I have to close it is to shut it down via Task Manager. I succeed to make the launcher works once (though a lot of manipulations, so I can’t say which one was the solution) and install Unreal Engine 4, it works but I can’t load anything (I tried with the Demo).

No matter what I tried, the usual solutions are useless.

  • Driver updated
  • Windows 10 last update
  • Reset of the whole computer
  • Run as admin
  • Run with “-OpenGL”
  • Repair it (5 times)
  • Run it from the start menu, from a shortcut, and from the program files
  • Adjusted my display settings from 125% to 100% (I have a 1900*1200 screen)
  • Added as an exception on Bitdefender (even though it wasn’t working before the installation of Bitdefender)
  • Reinstall Epic Games Launcher
  • Reinstall Unreal Engine 4
  • Clean the AppData files
  • Modify something with RegEdit (I followed a guide)
  • And a lot more that I can’t remember after a full month of trying…

I’m on a Acer VX 15
Gtx 1050 4gb
Intel i5 7300HQ
16gb RAM
128 gb NVME where’s Windows
2 tb SSD 2.5 where’s everything else
Windows 10

I’m okay to follow a long process to repair it and I don’t mind helping the devs with some logs or whatsoever, I just want it to works again cause it worked 1 year ago (I tried Fortnite, but I didn’t like it).

Thanks in advance,

Samuel G.