Game Balancing your thoughts

Hello fellow gamers now this is a thread just for opinions of your thoughts on certain weapons items and mechanics I would like if you all don’t flame or attack each other on the thread

if you can please put the layout of your comments like shown below giving a statement to each item its not necessary if you dont use the layout please point out what you are talking about

I wanted to see all of your opinions because a lot of times I would play games people always complain about snipers shotguns etc in the list so I wanted to see everyone’s opinion on the matter imagine this as a survey or something like it pick your favorite game and explain how you feel about the items in the list implementation for it hope this makes more sense

and yes this is a First person shooter



3.Machine guns:

  1. Grenade:

5.Grenade Launchers:

6.Regenerative Health:



Map Design

1.Roofs or No Roofs

2.Elaborate Map with 5 or more multiple ways to objective or Straight Forward with only 1 to 3 ways to objective

3.Have height advantage or no Height Advantage

Weapon Mechanics




Time to Kill

1.Fast or Slow

2.Head shot One shot kill or no One Shot Kill

  1. Should there be any One Shot Kill at all

Please let me know your thoughts and you don’t have to answer everything here Thank you :slight_smile:

Balancing means finding the proper metrics for each value your game needs.

But the proper metric depends on what you want to do, what is the game’s target, what you want your players to be doing, where you want the difficulty to be and so on and so forth…

It is impossible to “balance” the things you mention without the rest of the game to study.

Balancing requires to have a very accurate vision of what the game is and how it is played.

You didn’t say for what type of game it is but from the questions you’re asking I think you’re talking about a First Person Shooter.

Depending on the details of your game, you’ll be able to find the answers to the questions you’re asking.

An example would be:
Are Snipers a healthy type of weapon for my game?
Do you have long range fights? How many damages do Snipers weapon deal? Is it going to be frustrating for the killed player? Is the level design helping the Snipers or on the contrary giving nice possibility to counter them? Do I want my combat to last long? Does Sniping requires the skills I want my player to have? etc…

Sorry About that I edited the forum to make more sense hopefully Im trying to grasp how people feel about the items listed you can choose any game you really like or play the most and talk about what you think about it like is it good the way it is or should it change just to get a broad understanding of what people like and yes its a first person shooter this is just for general information