[Game] Awakening Of The Ancients. WIP


I was thinking about to create this topic or not, but final decision was yes. It’ll be good opportunity to kick my lazy ■■■ :slight_smile: It’s not something unique or new breathe, just my vision on some things in this universe.

The idea is some fantasy setting based on slavic fairy-tails and legend(probably could be added more), my own ideas and a bit mix with sci-fi, hopefully in a good proportion. And one secret element :wink:

This idea was born inside my head around 9 years ago as a short CGI film, but then it was a solid decision that I would like to see me running through this world.

Maybe it would be interesting for you too. Let’s see. I’ll try to make the process and final result interesting and not boring for you.

Thank you for your attention, time and interest!

Latest updates and current progress screenshots:



Playing with atmosphere colors:

Solar system



I wish you success in your project, soon we will see screenshots and the progress of your work.

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Thank you!

First I would like to make an environment. It’ll help to show the worlds atmosphere during the gameplay prototyping process. Well, and environment creation is what I would love to learn. Also it inspire me for new ideas and updating an existing ones.

Here’s some screen shots of current progress. I think I will duplicate latest screenshots and updates in the first post for better tracking.

This is a blocking of the starting area.

The solar system. Procedural shaders.

Current progress for the landscape and the forest swamp area.

Thank you for your attention, time and interest!


Incredible, congratulations.

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Small update. Playing with some atmosphere settings to select the mood and color scheme.

Which one do you like?

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Made small video with level-run at the very early wip stage.


Looking pretty awesome, congrats!

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Greetings @Lokk1 !

Thank you so much for sharing your work in progress and for using UE to create your project! It has been a while since we have heard from you. Have you made anymore updates to your game?

I find it very inspiring that you’ve decided to expand upon an idea that you’ve been harboring for so long - to transfer it into a visual, explorable representation!

Which Slavic fairy tales were you wanting to incorporate - just the environment or also the characters from the stories? If you are going with the characters, how would a playable character interact with the fairy tale characters? Would a player stumble across a scene from the tale and interact with the characters, or would a player be an actual character from one of the fairy tales?

Adding the sci-fi element brings a new age edge to your ancient fairy tale idea. I love the way the ringed planet looks in the distance above the tree line!

I hope to hear from you soon.
I bid you adieu in hopes that you have something new! :wave:t4: :blush:

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By some global reason the project was suspended. Also because I’m making everything alone, had no time. I was very optimistic)) Now I’ll be more realistic and it could take more time than was expected.

While I was off, some new cool ideas was born. And I’ve started to think about the music and how to connect it with the story. Got some ideas about it.

Thank you so much all for your interest! Will try to not dissapoint you!

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Hey @Get_DOVAH_it !

You had a lot of questions :slight_smile:

It’ll be mix of fairy tails from all slavic people - poland, chekh, slovac, ukranian, belarus, russian, bulgarian, serb etc.

Playable character(s) will be a part of different modified fairy tails that is going at exact moment.

It’ll be really interesting :smiley:

Thank you for your attention!


Greetings @Lokk1 !

Welcome back!

Thank you so much for coming back to the Unreal Engine community with an update! When I first started developing as a hobby, I had so many ideas, I was so full of zeal and determination, and I set goals. Then, I realized that I completely overshot my expectations. It happens to the best of us - especially when game developing isn’t the main source of income and you’re “flying solo”.

Thank you for addressing my questions. I apologize if there were too many. I really like where you are going with the concept for your project! You’re very welcome, and I look forward to your future updates! :smiley: